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Bilateral Unicompartmental (partial) Knee Replacement
Mr. Vasaigara, a 56 year old heavily built man, was suffering from pain in both knees. "The pain started since I was 50, but now I can't bear it anymore. I also can't ride my scooter, so how do I get around?"

On consulting Dr. Soonawalla he was diagnosed with medial compartment Osteoarthritis (arthritis limited to one part of the joint only). After discussing the various pros and cons it was decided to do a bilateral unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement. "Dr. Soonawalla explained that due to my young age this would be a better option. I was worried because of my size, but he reassured me that this would not affect the outcome."

His comment after the surgery "All the pain is gone. I have a new life. I am back to riding my scooter. My neighbours can't believe I have had surgery in both knees."

Mr Bachate walking a day after surgery
“I can’t tell I’ve had a hip surgery… I am able to do everything!”
- Mr. C. D’Silva
Hip Resurfacing
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