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Knee Replacement
Mr. Turel, a 75 year old priest living in Surat, Gujarat, came to Mumbai for a knee replacement. Being a priest, his occupation required him to sit on the floor daily while praying. He had been coping with his bad knee for many years, but the pain was now constant and sitting on the floor impossible.

His doctor in Surat had told him that sitting on the floor would not be possible after his knee replacement. This was his greatest concern when he consulted Dr. Soonawalla in Mumbai. Dr. Soonawalla reassured him in this regard.

Mr. Turel had a minimally invasive knee replacement using a high flexion knee design. He was walking on the evening of the surgery. In four days he was able to sit cross legged in bed. 6 weeks later he was happily back at work. "I am so glad that I had this operation done. It has given me a new lease of life and I am able to discharge my duties without any problem or pain!"

Mr Turel walking 3 days after surgery
“I can’t tell I’ve had a hip surgery… I am able to do everything!”
- Mr. C. D’Silva
Hip Resurfacing
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