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Hip Resurfacing
Mr. Bachate, a 38 year old man, had undergone a hip surgery in 1995. Unfortunately this had not been successful and he had developed avascular necrosis (loss of blood supply to the hip). He suffered from hip pain for 10 years before deciding to undergo surgery. "I am only 38. What if things go wrong again?"

At the time of surgery he had a stiff hip with a short leg. He was reassured by Dr. Soonawalla that these would be corrected after the surgery.

Mr. Bachate underwent a hip resurfacing. Like most patients, Mr. Bachate was made to stand on the evening of the surgery, and he was discharged from the hospital 4 days after the surgery. In 6 weeks he was able to squat. He is extremely pleased and says, "My surgery was a complete success. I don't feel I have an artificial hip! I am extremely grateful for Dr. Soonawalla's care and expertise."

Mr Bachate walking a day after surgery
“I can’t tell I’ve had a hip surgery… I am able to do everything!”
- Mr. C. D’Silva
Hip Resurfacing
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