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Shoulder replacement

Total shoulder replacement surgeon from Mumbai, IndiaReplacement of the shoulder joint is commonly done for arthritis or bad fractures of the shoulder.

XRay of a shoulder replacement done for a 72 year old heavy diabetic lady with multiple fractures.

Elbow replacement

Elbow replacement surgeon from Mumbai,India         Total elbow replacement expert from Mumbai, India

XRay before and after replacement done for a 55 year old lady with severe Rheumatoid arthritis.

Revision knee replacement

Revision knee replacement surgery MumbaiRevision knee replacement is usually done for loosening of the prosthesis. It entails the use of special implants to compensate for bone loss or damaged ligaments.

XRays following a revision Knee replacement done for a 73 year old lady.

Revision hip replacement
When a hip replacement fails there is usually loosening of the prosthesis with bone loss. Revision requires the use of special implants and techniques.

Revision hip replacement expert from Mumbai, India         Revision hip replacement surgeon from Mumbai, India

XRays before and after surgery of a 79 year old dentist who underwent revision hip replacement.

“I was worried about undergoing a surgery at 92 years. Dr. Soonawalla reassured me and I feel like a new man now – independent and mobile!”
- Mr. J. Khajotia
Revision Hip
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