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What is Hip Resurfacing
An uncemented metal cup is used. The head is shaved so the artificial metal ball fits on it like a cap. Thus much of the natural head is preserved.

Besides removing less bone Hip Resurfacing has a lower dislocation rate due to the larger head. Movements and functioning of the hip are better. Squatting which is not permissible with a conventional Hip Replacement is possible with Resurfacing. Revision of the hip if required is also easier.

This procedure is not suitable for all cases requiring Hip Replacement eg. When the ball is too badly damaged.

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What is Stemmed Hip Resurfacing
This utilizes the metallic cup of a Hip Resurfacing with a conventional femoral stem where the head is removed. Thus the artificial head is a large diameter metal ball which functions like a resurfacing.

The advantage of the large diameter head is that like Hip Resurfacing the dislocation rate is very low and hence mobility is better with squatting possible. Unlike a Hip Resurfacing this can be used in all cases.

“I was walking within 24 hours and all my pain is completely gone. I am so glad I came to Dr. Soonawalla in India for this procedure.”
- Mr. A. Webster, USA
Hip Replacement
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