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What is Arthritis
Arthritis literally means inflammation of a joint. Disease or injury of a joint leads to destruction of the glistening smooth cartilage and joint. This causes pain, stiffness, limping, deformity and a decrease in movement and mobility.

Causes of Joint pains
There are over a hundred causes for arthritis. The common causes are:
Osteoarthritis -
is a degenerative arthritis caused by wear and tear. It usually affects the knees, hands, feet, hips and spine. It is a common problem in people with bow legs or knocked knees.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis - is an auto immune disease where the body has turned on itself. This leads to inflamation and destruction of the joint. It usually affects multiple joints - hands, wrists, feet, hips, knees and can affect any joints of the body. There are many variants of this disease.

Trauma - any past injury of the knee can acutely or over a period of time result in damage.

Avascular Necrosis - loss of blood supply to part of the joint leads to collapse of the bone and destruction of the joint. This commonly affects the hip.

Other causes include - infection, TB, gout, dysplasia, etc.
I was standing on the evening of the surgery and was able to sit cross legged within 3 days.
- Mrs. P. Ansari
Knee Replacement
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